I am Adrian Voss, Artist and Teacher. My focus is creating connections through art and language within the community.  I enjoy producing mixed-media art and exercising various literary facets in life. As I continue, my love for the cultural exchange and expression that happens during all levels of communication grows. While overseas, I earned a Bachelors of Education in English/ESL and Media Arts. Currently, I work WITH THE IMMIGRANT AND REFUGEE POPULATION in the public school system. my life approach works to inspire the whole being, because of this, a free flow approach to art in connection to language has evolved. We all create Art by simply living our lives. If you would like to join a creative writing group, co-create on a project, reserve an art class or professional development seminar ,based on the free flow approach, feel free to MAKE CONTACT. Also, if you have any questions, want to purchase, SHARE IDEAS, OR commission a stylized painting or mural, please check out the gallery and use the contact form. 

Thank You! 

proceeds go to supporting immigrants and the vulnerable in our community.